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Toxic Gas Monitoring

Toxic Gas Monitoring

Guarantee a Safe Workspace with Toxic Gas Monitoring

Ensuring worker safety is a priority at worksites where toxic gases are used in processes or products. In the event of a chemical leak or a hazardous atmosphere in a confined space, accurate gas detection measuring air quality is a must. OSHA, NIOSH, and other public and private organizations have created occupational exposure limits for known respiratory hazards to protect workers from short-term and prolonged exposure. It is up to each company’s industrial hygienist or health and safety manager to implement programs and procedures, provide training, and monitor hazards to ensure their employees wellbeing. 

AMETEK MOCON has been a leading provider of gas detection equipment to monitor levels of toxic gases well below OSHA action limits for decades. The Baseline 9100 GC product line offers selective compound measurement, without interferences, to analyze multiple sample points throughout their facility and provide time weighted averages for each location. This low-level selective measurement can give personnel enough time to react to increasing health risks stemming from leaks or other critical events well before a short-term exposure limit is reached.

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