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Packaging Machine Mold QC Testing

Packaging Machine Mold QC Testing

Run Your Injection Mold Tools Longer

Everyday numerous automated fast paced production lines create millions of packages. Historically, machine molds have accounted for 20% of part defects. Your challenge as a quality professional and technical expert on the packaging production line is to know when to change out your expensive hard-tooled mold. Change it too early – and you have just increased the cost of production…change it too late – and you risk quality issues for your packaged product. You need objective data to determine when to make the switch – and it should not be based simply on historical run rates.

At AMETEK MOCON, we offer whole package permeation analyzers and testing services, to tell you when the barrier properties of your molded packages have changed. Our permeation analyzers have the highest repeatability and accuracy on the market, with precisely controlled environmental conditions, ensuring that even small changes to your molded package can be detected and trended.

We have worked with co-packers and brand owners for decades to ensure their packaging meets specifications. Let us help you get more out of your machine molds.

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