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Press Releases


AMETEK MOCON Expands OX-TRAN 2/28 Instrument Portfolio

AMETEK MOCON Launches Dansensor MAP Mix Focus Electronic Gas MIxer


AMETEK MOCON Launches Dansensor MultiCheck 2 Leak and Headspace Testing System


AMETEK MOCON Acquires Alphasense

AMETEK MOCON Launches Visual Bubble Leak Detection Instrument Dansensor LeakPointer H2

AMETEK MOCON Launches New OX-TRAN 2/48 OTR Analyzer for Packages

AMETEK MOCON Launches Dansensor Lippke VC1400 Vacuum Leak Detection System

AMETEK MOCON Launches New AQUATRAN 3/40 Water Vapor Permeation Analyzer

AMETEK MOCON Launches New Carbon Dioxide Permeation Analyzer PERMATRAN-C 4/30


AMETEK MOCON Launches New Website

AMETEK MOCON Launches Dansensor Lippke 5000 Package Integrity Testing System 

New OX-TRAN 2/12 Series Oxygen Permeation Analyzers for Wide Range Testing

Baseline Products Support the Sterilization and Medical Gas Industry During Covid-19

New MOCON AQUATRAN 3/38 High Throughput WVTR Analyzer for Films & Materials

AMETEK MOCON Remains Open for Business During Covid-19

AMETEK MOCON Launches the OX-Tran 2/28 High Throughput Oxygen Permeation Analyzer

AMETEK MOCON Introduces Dansensor Checkpoint 3 EC Headspace MAP Gas Analyzer

AMETEK MOCON Releases New PermWare Laboratory Management Software

AMETEK MOCON Launches Chinese and German Language Websites

AMETEK MOCON Launches French, Italian and Spanish Websites

AMETEK MOCON Launches AMECare Performance Services

AMETEK MOCON Releases New LeakPointer 3
AMETEK MOCON Launches OX-TRAN 2-40 Permeation Analyzer

AMETEK MOCON Launches Package Integrity Industry Website

AMETEK MOCON Introduces Baseline PetroAlert Series Well-Logging Analyzer
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