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Quality Converting: From Quality Suppliers to Quality Control

Converter companies play a critical role in the process of producing packaging. They take raw materials like resin, or single layer films, and further process them to precise specifications for use by other converters or co-packers or brand owners. As a quality control professional, your challenge in the Converter Industry is to keep up with a constantly changing supplier base and customization demands. You need to ensure that incoming raw packaging materials continue to exceed specifications. You are also responsible for outgoing quality of your converted product, ensuring consistency and quality to your customers.

At AMETEK MOCON, our testing products and analytical experts help QC professionals with supplier qualifications, product changeover verification and end-product verification. We ensure you catch bad incoming materials before they are converted, and poor quality converting before it goes out to your customers. For decades, our analyzers have tested metallized, laminated and coated films to precise barrier property specifications. Our measurements allow you to check coating, adhesives or substrate properties on barrier films and packages precisely so you can be confident your incoming materials are good, and your conversion process is in control.

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