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Rubber Market Under Pressure to Grow!

Global demand for improving automotive and non-automotive rubber products is putting tremendous pressure on you to develop the best and most cost-effective products. With such a diverse group of products that come from rubber: O-rings, rubber adhesives, medical gloves, hot air balloons, and many more in between – you want to make sure your rubber-based products last. You need confidence in your raw materials suppliers. Will the quality of their rubber resist moisture, protect against oxygen ingress, and be durable yet flexible enough to withstand high temperatures and extreme pressure conditions? From research to production, your customers count on your products to seal, protect and last.

AMETEK MOCON offers a wide variety of solutions, from our fit-for-rubber-application Permeation analysis equipment, to expert consulting and robust testing services. With one or more of the products or services we offer, we will help you simplify your material selection, optimize your product design and provide you a means to routinely monitor the quality of your rubber-based products. For over a half century, we have partnered with researchers to study barrier film and finished package properties—to provide the most accurate and complete permeation data achievable. From R&D to Quality Control, AMETEK MOCON will provide you data you can trust for rubber barriers and rubber packages.

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