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Optimize and Ensure the Package Integrity of Your Cosmetics Packaging

Cosmetics and Beauty Care products take a long time to develop, but only a short time to go bad - if not packaged well. Your challenge in cosmetics design, is to ensure your packaging maintains the specific moisture content your products need throughout their expected useful life; while at the same time keeping the costs of this packaging to a minimum. Your challenge in cosmetics production, is to manufacture consistent, quality products, even when incoming material suppliers change, new setups and startup operations are tooled, and skilled labor is difficult to find.

For decades, AMETEK MOCON has helped cosmetic brand owners optimize their barrier film and packaging properties to suit their unique cosmetic needs. Our package testing applications specialists have worked with a variety of cosmetics packaging systems, including those for deodorants, toothpaste, gels and even dry cosmetics, to ensure cosmetics are protected and packaging resists moisture ingress. Our experts work with your R&D team to measure barrier film properties and provide package tests that characterize the gas permeability of finished packages. This assures your cosmetic products are of high quality and protects your brand.

In Cosmetics production, our AMETEK MOCON permeation analyzers are used to test the quality of your incoming packaging suppliers. Our permeation analyzers are also used for routine quality control checks of your cosmetics packaging, after converting.

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