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Headspace MAP Gas Analyzers

Equipment for accurate headspace analysis.

Headspace analysis is conducted to ensure that the residual oxygen in a product complies with predefined limits. This is a vital part of the Quality Control of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) products. For packaged foods and other goods, exceeding these limits increases the risk of growth and proliferation of bacteria or mould, which causes spoilage and results in shorter product shelf-life.

The Dansensor line of headspace gas analyzers has a wide range of applications, including:

  • Accurate residual O2 headspace gas analysis
  • O2 headspace gas analysis in the presence of high CO2
  • MAP audit applications
  • MAP Quality Control

These robust and portable headspace analyzers play an important part in the Quality Control processes for MAP products in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, since they detect instances where packaging requirements are compromised.

Select a headspace gas analyzer from the list below to discover more or ask us about getting an audit of your MAP process.

  • CheckMate 3

    This Dansensor benchtop headspace analyzer secures a repeatedly good Modified Atmosphere Packaging quality. Learn more about the CheckMate 3 here.

  • Dansensor Checkpoint 3
    CheckPoint 3

    This Dansensor portable gas analyzer accurately measures the CO2 and O2 levels of MAP products in all shapes and sizes. Learn more here.

  • MultiCheck

    The MultiCheck package integrity tester is a breakthrough system that reduces testing costs by using one package for 5 tests. Learn more.

  • PAC CHECK 300 Series

    Handheld gas analyzer for modified atmosphere packages. Precise and fast results. Learn more now.

  • PAC CHECK 800 Series

    Benchtop analyzer for O2, CO2 and CO gases in Modified Atmosphere Packaging. Main applications in headspace analysis of packaged food. Learn more.

  • OpTech-O2 Model P

    A laboratory oxygen analyzer used to measure O2 levels in packages. The OpTech uses an innovative sensor that can be applied inside packages for non-invasive and non-destructive testing of headspace oxygen. Learn more.

  • Checkmate 3 PC Software
    CheckMate 3 PC Software

    Reliable software for controlling several CheckMate units at the same time. Learn more about the CheckMate software here.

  • Can Piercer

    The Dansensor Can Piercer specializes in accurate headspace measurement in canned goods. Learn more about Can Piercer here.

  • MAP Audit
    MAP Audit

    MAP Audit can optimize your packaging speed, gas consumption and reduce waste of packaging material. Learn more about our MAP Audit today.

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