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Why Choose Us For Permeation Analysis?

Global Industry Standard
MOCON Permeation Analyzers have been recognized as the global industry standard in quality permeation testing systems since the 1960’s. Our permeation analyzers are the most utilized permeation instruments in the market today, nearing 10,000 fielded units.

Our Leadership and Customer Focus
With our decades of knowledge in permeation applications and working with key industry leaders to pioneer many of the measurement techniques that are still in use today, , we continue to invest in leading-edge permeation analysis technology – continuing to measure ever lower levels of gases through ultra-high barrier and packaging systems. We also continue to partner and collaborate with industry leaders to make challenging permeation measurements that markets demand.

Accuracy, Repeatability Sensitivity by Design MOCON Permeation Analyzers are the most accurate, repeatable and sensitive permeation instruments available on the market today. We measure WVTR down to the 10^-6 g/m2-day range, and OTR down to 10^-4 cc/m2-day range, and have the accuracy and repeatability needed at these low levels to be useful. This comes from pioneering the sensor technology in our analyzers, and a comprehensive systematic design to ensure every aspect of the instrument provides stability, accuracy and precision.

High Quality
Our permeation instruments are built with quality to last for years – and our warranty backs this up. Our new Next-Gen Analyzers offer up to 4-year sensor warranties, and instruments over 25 years old are still operating in the field today.

Worldwide Standardization
MOCON Permeation Analyzers are the basis for many international testing standards on gas permeation analysis of films and packages. Our products not only meet ASTM, ISO, TAPPI and other methods, but also our AMETEK MOCON experts actively participate in these committees to set industry standards on gas permeation.

Global Service Organization
At AMETEK MOCON we have service personnel located around the world, ready to support your instrument and application needs. With AMETEK MOCON sales, service and applications expertise based in USA, Germany and China, and a network of trained service technicians globally – rest assured that support is available for MOCON Permeation Analyzers and your applications.

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