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VOC Detectors

The Baseline® VOC-TRAQ® II detector is a handheld VOC sensor designed for ease of use and is an excellent way to monitor and record PID detectable total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), whether you are an air quality consultant, safety engineer, maintenance manager, or just concerned about TVOCs in your environment. This Baseline VOC detector includes:


  • PC software, USB connection
  • Broad range of VOC detection capabilities
  • Storage of up to 36,000 sample readings
  • Compatibility with a flow-through housing

Our VOC meter is compact, economical, and provides the ability to remotely monitor and record the presence of TVOCs using a PC with Windows-based OS software. It has no moving parts and samples gas using the simplicity of diffusion, yet still offers a fast response time. When the VOC-TRAQ II is configured with a flow through housing using the Flow Cell, it allows for mid-process application.


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