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Building Envelopes, Materials and Geotextile Liners Depend on Moisture and Water Control

Geotextiles, building wraps and roof underlayment's are all construction materials that need to be both durable and selectively permeable. Your challenge, as a manufacturer of these breathable construction materials, is to ensure the moisture and water permeation through these materials meet precise water vapor permeation and Perm Rating specifications.

At AMETEK MOCON, our water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) analyzers are used to characterize moisture permeation through your breathable construction materials. MOCON pioneered water vapor permeation analysis back in the 1960s and remains the leader in making permeability analyses for challenging materials like yours. We have worked with the leading nonwoven material producers to ensure their building envelope materials and environmental liners are properly analyzed for permeability.

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