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Film and Resin Suppliers

Film & Resin Suppliers

A Final Package is only as good as its Raw Materials

Resin or single layer films are the starting point for converters who make packages. And it is obvious that a final package would depend largely on the strengths of its raw materials. Your challenge in the Converter Industry is to ensure your resin and primary barrier films are best in class and will meet strict barrier property specifications, even after conversion by your customers.

For over 50 years, we have provided resin producers and barrier film suppliers, with reliable and precise gas permeation analyzers. Our analyzers help you to demonstrate the barrier properties of your films and verify your resins meet packaging requirements after conversion. At AMETEK MOCON, our experts are setting ASTM standards for barrier and package testing; and helping major resin and barrier film producers with packaging R&D, converting feasibility testing and barrier film quality control.

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