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Laboratories Need High Uptime Analytical Equipment

Analytical equipment is a key part of today’s research and commercial testing laboratories and internal material QC laboratories. Your challenge in the laboratory is to keep this analytical equipment up to date and continually operating all while there is a shortage of skilled labor.

Our Analyzers Work Hard (so you don’t have to)
At AMETEK MOCON, our analyzers provide the gas measurements you need, from gas permeability analysis of packaging materials to toxic gas monitoring in industrial workplaces, our instruments provide high uptime and automation to reduce labor requirements. For over five decades, we have equipped commercial and R&D laboratories globally with the longest lasting permeation analyzers in the market, with some well-maintained instruments providing accurate measurement for 20+ years!  Our latest analyzers build on this long legacy of excellence.  We continue to provide laboratories with long life instruments, while innovating to higher performance, easier sample preparation for applications like whole package analysis and adding automation to the testing process. 
We Run a Laboratory Too!
At AMETEK MOCON we understand the needs of labs, because we operate a full Analytical Services Lab for Package Testing and use our own equipment to make our analyses. So, we are not just a manufacturer of analyzers, we are also users of our equipment and truly understand the needs of R&D and QC Testing Laboratories.

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