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Cured Meat

Cured Meat

Optimize Your Packaged Cured Meats with Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) of cured meats like cold cuts, luncheon meats, and prosciutto, when done right, increases the shelf life of your cured meats. Your challenge as a quality professional and technical expert in packaging and preserving cured meats are many. You need to ensure your cured meats are in a modified atmosphere package (MAP) to meet shelf life requirements. You need to ensure that MAP is maintained from initial packaging through to when it is used by the end customer – which means rugged packaging with no leaks! You also need to ensure your packaging material has the right permeability properties so that your MAP is preserved.

Packaging your cured meats to meet their shelf life and continue to stay attractive to the consumer is complex.

At AMETEK MOCON, we our experts in modified atmosphere packaging QA/QC and barrier film testing and have pioneered a variety of MAP package testing tools to ensure your cured meat items last. Our Gas Mixers and Online MAP Gas Analyzers are used to control and monitor the gas composition needed for your goods. Our Headspace Gas Analyzers and Leak Detectors provide the quality control you need to confidently ship your products to market. In addition, our permeation analyzers are used to measure the oxygen and water vapor transmission through packaging to ensure you know what the gas surrounding your baked goods will be after packaging. From MAP QA to MAP and package QC, we have the testing equipment for packaged cured meats.

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