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Permeation Accessories, Consumables and Software

AMETEK MOCON continues to innovate to meet your specific permeation testing requirements. From testing cartridges and certification films to data protection software, MOCON is your leader in fit-for-purpose solutions that help improve efficiency and accuracy. 

  • Film Cartridges

    Increase the utility and efficiency of your MOCON instrument with these interchangeable, removable test cartridges, including several application-specific designs.

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  • Package Cartridges

    Improve testing accuracy, repeatability and ease of use with these specially designed cartridges to efficiently test formed packages, tool-free.

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  • Certified Reference Films

    Verify proper operation of your instrument with traceable certification films, and ensure your results are accurate and repeatable.

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  • Masks

    Use masks for limited sample testing or highly permeable materials – our proprietary adhesive doesn’t interfere with readings, and we provide both pre-cut and uncut sizes.

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  • Software

    Our software options simplify instrument management by centralizing data, and ensure data integrity for compliance requirements. 

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