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Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Packaging Consumer Products is a Science - Make Sure Your Package Meets its Required Specs

Packaging for consumer products companies continues to evolve. Demand is on the rise for packaging with lower cost yet more protective and eco-friendly barriers. Your challenge is to design barrier packaging that meets constantly changing market requirements. At the same time, as your product recipes change, whether these products are household products, food or diapers, your packaging needs to adapt to continue to achieve optimal barrier performance and product protection at the best price.

We at AMETEK MOCON provide testing services for both your packaging material evaluation and final package analysis. We also offer instrumentation that delivers fast and accurate package quality assessments to ensure your oxygen and moisture sensitive products are protected. Since the 1960s, we have helped major Brand Owners and Consumer Products Group companies to measure barrier performance in packaging materials and finished packages. With our state-of-the-art barrier film and package analysis instruments, along with deep package testing expertise, we can help ensure your next package meets its shelf-life requirements.

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