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Ready-to-Eat Foods Packaged Right!

Ready-to-Eat foods, especially those with a variety of food types, can be challenging to package. For meal combinations like lunchables, meats require a different packaging environment than breads, which differ from the packaging needs of cheeses. As a quality professional or technical expert in the Read-to-Eat Foods Industry your challenge is to ensure your read-to-eat foods are properly compartmentalized and in an appropriate modified atmosphere package (MAP) to ensure your product has a long shelf life. Packaging read-to-eat foods can be complex.

At AMETEK MOCON, we our experts in MAP Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) and have pioneered a variety of MAP package testing tools to ensure your prepared food packages have a good MAP and arrive fresh. Our Gas Mixers and Online MAP Gas Analyzers are used to control and monitor the gas composition needed for your product. Our Headspace Gas Analyzers and Leak Detectors provide the quality control you need to confidently ship your ready-to-eat foods to market. From QA to QC of your MAP, we have the testing equipment and expertise to help you with your packaged prepared foods.

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