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Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Encapsulation and Material Integrity is Key to Quality Solar Panels

As the demand for sustainable energy continues to grow, the pressure to develop higher efficiency, longer lasting and more cost-effective solar panels continues to intensify. Your challenge is to provide high-quality encapsulation material that ensures hermetic seal protection of your solar panels from corrosion and oxidation. To achieve this protection, your adhesives must be able to maintain a high barrier quality amidst extreme temperature fluctuations and weather conditions.

At AMETEK MOCON, we offer gas permeation analyzers and testing services to measure the gas ingress into your solar panels and determine weaknesses in your encapsulation packaging. For over 50 years, we have provided the accurate and comprehensive data your researchers need to best study raw materials and barrier film properties. We have worked with the largest solar panel producers in the world to improve their encapsulation designs and ultimately extend the life expectancy of their solar products. With the lowest limits of detection available for water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) and oxygen transmission rate (OTR) measurements, our instruments ensure you can forecast, decades after installation, the harmful water vapor and oxygen ingress rates your solar energy products will experience.

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