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OLED/Flexible Displays

The future is brighter ahead!

OLED-based flexible displays and related applications are rapidly evolving as display durability improves, manufacturing costs decrease, and technology continues to advance. Your design and manufacturing capabilities must keep pace. You need OLED panels and flexible displays protected with impermeable encapsulation films that can withstand extreme fluctuations in environmental conditions. With a tremendous range of temperatures and moisture levels that your displays will be exposed to, your electronic displays demand durability that lasts.

At AMETEK MOCON, our state-of-the-art ultra-high barrier analyzers are the global industry standard. Our analyzers--in conjunction with support from our expert applications specialists—have advanced OLED/TFE (Thin-Film Encapsulation) longevity substantially. Our analyzers are designed for high accuracy and high repeatability testing for both film materials and final package designs. Whether you’re having issues with R2R, roll-to-roll, production or QC analysis of critical components, we have analyzers that measure critical barrier properties. For decades, we have worked with all the major display manufacturers and their suppliers, around the world, protect their displays from moisture. Our instrumentation and application experts work with you to develop tests to verify the barrier quality and provide extensive training for your film and packaging research needs.

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