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WVTR Permeation Analyzers

Our MOCON Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) Permeation Analyzers offer a wide range of WVTR testing capabilities across the most diverse range of products and materials. From numerous film types, coated papers and synthetic substrates in food & beverage and pharmaceutical applications, to encapsulated electrical components, building materials, medical devices, various membrane formulations and more, our PERMATRAN WVTR analyzers, also called Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) analyzers, combine precision temperature and humidity control with our robust, high-sensitivity sensors offer extreme accuracy and application versatility.

Choose a model to learn more about the performance and value each product delivers.

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MOCON WVTR Permeation Analyzer Family Brochure 

  • Aquatran Model 3 Water Vapor Permeability_250x180
    AQUATRAN 3 WVTR Analyzer

    The industry’s leading WVTR analyzer for ultra-high barriers and coatings as common in the OLED and electronics industries. This analyzer offers the lowest detection level for water vapor permeation available in the market.

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  • AQUATRAN 3/40 WVTR Analyzer for Packages
    AQUATRAN 3/40 WVTR Analyzer for Packages

    This advanced analyzer integrates MOCON’s proven WVTR analyzer system with a precision environmental chamber to elevate package testing to the next level in accuracy, repeatability and ease of use.

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  • AQUATRAN 338 w/screen_278x200
    AQUATRAN 3/38 WVTR Analyzer

    High throughput analyzer builds on the convenience and reliability of the PERMATRAN 3/34 G with double the testing capacity for standard or abbreviated tests. It features the same long-life modulated IR sensor that fully complies with ASTM F1249.

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  • PERMATRAN-W 3/34 WVTR Analyzer

    Our most popular WVTR analyzer for any laboratory needing precise WVTR measurement at very controlled and accurate temperature and RH levels.

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  • PERMATRAN-W 101K WVTR Analyzer

    The ideal analyzer for measuring water vapor transmission levels of breathable materials and non-woven barriers commonly used in the healthcare and construction industries.

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  • PERMATRAN-W 1/50 WVTR Analyzer

    Perfect analyzer for the laboratory looking to bring permeation testing in-house. This simple to use compact analyzer required little training to proficiently operate.

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