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Beverage Gas Monitoring

Beverage Gas Monitoring

Properly Assess the Quality & Purity of CO2 in Beverages

Carbon dioxide produced for the beverage industry is both a co- and by-product of numerous industrial processes such as combustion, fermentation, ammonia and hydrogen production, and chemical and refinery operations as well as being derived from natural sources. With such varied and numerous sources, coupled with the complex supply chain used to deliver it to user facilities, a multitude of trace contaminants, many posing health concerns, may find their way into the CO2. The responsibility for assessing the quality and purity of the CO2 falls all along the distribution trail, not only on the producer but the distributor and bottler as well.

Bottlers who use CO2 are responsible for ensuring that their CO2 supply chain vendors follow accepted manufacturing and handling practices. Bottling operators recognize that a poorly designed or maintained CO2 delivery system can degrade their product’s quality. Timely quality control actions maintain product quality and integrity while guaranteeing safe products for consumers and ultimately protecting brand confidence.

AMETEK MOCON has been supplying analyzers to monitor impurities in beverage grade carbon dioxide for over 30 years. Specialty gas suppliers rely on the BevAlert 9100 GC and Baseline 9000 THA to continuously monitor critical impurities depending upon the source, while CO2 generators and bottlers utilize the BevAlert Analytical System for a multipoint turn-key solution.  

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