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Package Component R & D

Package Components R & D

Validate Your Package Component Designs with Ease

Testing the gas permeability of packaging components being designed in R&D can be difficult. New O-rings, gaskets and adhesives all need characterization for barrier properties as part of a packaging system. Your challenge is to create prototypes and make an adapter that marries your prototype component with a complex analytical instrument. This can be difficult – and you didn’t make that many prototypes!

Here at AMETEK MOCON, our experienced lab personnel and engineers work with you to provide permeation and package testing solutions for your R&D parts and novel package components.

We make custom designed test fixtures and sample cartridges that allow barrier characterization for the most challenging applications. We understand your package and part testing needs in R&D – and have been analyzing component parts like O-rings, gaskets, adhesives and coatings for over 50 years.

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