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Finished Package R & D

Finished Package R & D

Test the Integrity of Finished Packages with Ease!

More is required of packages these days than ever before. Favorable qualities such as light weight, bio friendly, free standing, flexible, re-tort, resealable, and breathable are common. The base materials are often evaluated for barrier properties with the belief the converted package will behave the same as the raw materials. Pouch seams, inductions seals, closure dispenser interfaces, and release valves all may be potential sources for leak. Evaluating your finished package is the only way to accurately predict product shelf life.

AMETEK MOCON offers package testing tools and expertise to help you meet the goals for your packaging system. Our analyzers help you determine product shelf life, optimize MAP levels in your package, and conduct headspace and seal analysis. Our expert analytical services provide the testing and package testing consulting services you need to develop your packages fast.

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