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Discover. Teach. Repeat.

In Academia, expectations are high to make breakthroughs in R&D while at the same time teach the next generation of engineers and scientists. Today’s universities, colleges and teaching institutes, require you to maintain and update analytical equipment that proves your research work, and develop training programs that demonstrate important scientific principles and engage students.

At AMETEK MOCON, we have partnered with university professors and industry-academic consortiums to provide state-of-the-art gas analysis instrumentation. Our Applications Specialists also conduct training programs on both the scientific basics of our instruments and applications training on how best to use our equipment. To advance your research, teaching and ultimately society – we work with academia to get the tools and teaching programs you need. For over 50 years, we have worked with teaching institutions, core facilities and graduate research institutions to transform research into innovation.

We Work with Science & Engineering Departments

For Packaging Science & Engineering departments, we offer barrier film and package analysis instruments. Our gas permeation analyzers have the lowest limits of detection commercially available and are used to characterize novel new materials. For Environmental Science & Engineering programs, we offer rack-mounted tools that are ready-to-go in your mobile emissions monitoring laboratories, and portable gas detectors to monitor personal gas exposure. All with training programs available to get your team to be the experts.

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