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Ensure the Performance and Lifespan of Electronic Devices

Electronics manufacturers and design engineers are continually faced with making improvements in film materials and electronic packaging designs to protect moisture sensitive devices and components. Your challenge in this industry is to continually produce superior devices and electronic component packaging that will withstand harsh, extreme, and fluctuating environments, while still delivering high quality.

Our AMETEK MOCON instrumentation provides you with answers to explain how moisture is permeating through your OLED film, display, component or device. Our instruments are the only ASTM-compliant methods capable of measuring ultra-trace-level water vapor permeation results that ensure you know how your product is being exposed to moisture. We have worked with electronics design engineers to significantly improve OLED product longevity and durability. Our expert applications specialists will ensure you choose the right packaging materials and designs to protect your OLEDs, flexible display devices, and ultimately, their components.  

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