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Barrier Film QC

Barrier Film Quality Control

Control Barrier Film Quality throughout the Converting Process

Barrier films are coatings or multilayer plastic blends that reduce water and gas diffusion into and out of rigid and flexible packages--and other applications like electronics. Permeability of gases (such as O2, CO2, and N2), water vapor, aroma compounds, and light are all examples of barrier properties.

Barrier films, particularly in thin plastic-based products, are an essential part of packaging solutions. Since the effectiveness of barrier films is vital to the overall performance of product packaging, quality control is critical. 

At AMETEK MOCON, we ensure your materials meet their designed permeation requirements through testing equipment and services.  Our Permeation Analyzers have the most trusted repeatability in the market so that you are confident that your barrier films from different batches are of good quality and meet specified barrier levels.

Our instruments are designed for testing permeation of rigid and flexible barriers, from highly permeable breathable films, to ultra-high barrier films used in OLED.  Our applications experts have extensive knowledge in permeation for barrier materials, which will help you choose the best solutions for your barrier film QC testing needs. 

Choose an application below that is relevant to you to learn more and discover products specific to that application:



To ensure traceability in all aspects of Quality Assurance, AMETEK MOCON has integrated recognized quality systems into all our key business processes, ensuring we comply with regional legislative requirements. Key certifications are outlined below and are available for download.

Our certifications include:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 17025