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Ultra-high Barrier Package Testing

Ultra-high Barrier Package Testing

Ensure Your Ultra-high Barrier Packages Meet Their Specifications

Traditional ultra-high barrier packages such as glass and aluminum cans are being replaced by flexible, thermoset transparent polymer packaging systems. Barrier packaging is more highly engineered than ever before. Polymer additives, laminates, and multi layered structures are producing extremely high barrier materials. These new packaging systems must be qualified to replace existing traditional options. Are you ready for the high barrier packaging revolution?

Leading the permeation industry in detection capabilities for over 50 years, we at AMETEK MOCON provide you with the proper testing instruments and services to characterize your ultrahigh barrier packages. Our OX-TRAN 2/40 10X Oxygen Permeation Analyzer for Packages has the lowest limits of detection for oxygen transmission rate (OTR) and is designed specifically for precise packaging system permeation testing.

Whether oxygen or water vapor, our permeation analyzers have the highest sensitivity and the best repeatability specification in the market ensuring your ultrahigh barrier packaging is designed to specification.

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