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Finished Package QC

Finished Package QC

Monitor Your Package Quality. Protect Your Brand.

Packaging is an integral part of maintaining product quality. To ensure the product is ‘as advertised’ when reaching the consumer, the packaging system must be verified with tests that pertain to the challenges of the supply chain.  

Packaging systems may consist of various components such as relief valves, closures, seams, and induction seals. These can be potential points of failure within your packaging systems and your challenge is to ensure the best package performance. Therefore, finished package testing is vital to verify the quality of your package.

At AMETEK MOCON, we provide proven top-of-the-line instrumentation to verify your finished packages meet quality specification and control process variation. Our analyzers check finished package headspace gas and leak, burst, creep, seal strength, and permeation characteristics for total package integrity. We have worked with many industries to identify common failure modes in packaging systems – and provided both the expert consulting and analytical instruments necessary to pinpoint and monitor packaging problems.

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