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Packaging Material QC Testing

Packaging Material QC Testing

Quality Control your Packaging Materials

As consumers move towards healthier, fresher food options in resealable, functional packaging systems, your challenge is to have your packaging keep pace. Does your pressure sensitive film behave to specification? Does your product continue to be protected upon resealing? Secondary packaging provides value, although too many times is not evaluated. Barrier bottles need barrier closures to produce barrier systems. Do your closures meet OTR specification?

Our Permeation Analyzers for O2, H2O, and CO2 gases boast the most sensitive detection capabilities on the market. Whether multi layered or coated barrier films, dispenser closures, or pressure release valves, barrier optimization for your package materials has never been easier.

Our top of the market Permeation Analyzers provide the accuracy and repeatability needed to ensure your packaging materials meet design specifications. AMETEK MOCON’s permeation instruments allow programmable test parameters and stopping criteria to customize QC material analysis for higher throughput.

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