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MAP Gas QA Monitoring & Control

MAP Gas QA Monitoring & Control

Check Every MAP Package with Automated Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is paramount for the production of modified atmosphere packages (MAP). Your gas mixture must provide the correct atmosphere to prolong shelf life. How will you be sure the correct gas mixture is being flushed into your MAP package? Perhaps you use offline headspace gas analyzers to test a few random packages? Your challenge is to ensure every product produced with your gas flushing MAP process is made correctly and with the minimal amount of gas used.

At AMETEK MOCON, we provide the online quality assurance tools you need to make every MAP product meet specifications. Our Gas Mixers are offered in programmable and manual options – to deliver the exact gas flush composition you need, with the configuration that is right for your operation. Our online Gas Analyzers check the MAP gas composition of every package and can provide feedback control to the mixer – so that you can keep your process in control and know that your MAP is meeting specification. Furthermore, our MAP monitors and controls are designed to use the minimal amount of gas necessary to meet your MAP specifications. This precise gas control can save you substantial costs in gas supply – while still maintaining your product’s MAP gas requirements.

AMETEK MOCON’s high precision On-Line MAP Gas Analyzers and Gas Mixers are available for both horizontal and vertical flow wrap systems as well as thermoforming and tray sealing machines making quality assurance a sure thing.

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