AMETEK MOCON is a global leader in gas measurement technology.

Our MOCON Permeation Instruments are used to measure the oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide transmission rates through barrier films and packages. Our Dansensor Package Testing Products are used for quality assurance and quality control of packages that are protected with a controlled gas composition. Our Baseline Industrial Analyzers and Sensors are used in oil & gas, industrial & specialty gas, toxic gas, and environmental applications. 

In all the industry segments we serve, from Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) testing in the food and beverage industry, to water vapor transmission rate testing for the display and OLED market, MOCON, Dansensor and Baseline products stand out as the premium performance leaders, who have set the standard for quality and reliable measurement of gases. From bench-scale to desktop to hand-held instruments, our products are used in laboratory R&D, process monitoring and control, and final quality checks.

With manufacturing, sales and service offices located around the world, AMETEK MOCON is your choice for the most precise gas measurement technology.


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