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Process Analyzer Instruments

MOCON’s Process Analyzer line includes Baseline Gas Analyzers and ProSpect In-Line Dairy Analyzers. For over 40 years, Baseline Analyzers have provided gas detection equipment to a range of applications including Oil & Gas, Specialty Gas Impurities, Toxic Gas, Cleanroom Solvents, and Environmental Monitoring. Our versatile line of process analyzers includes gas chromatographs and hydrocarbon analyzers that are reliable, user-friendly, fast, and highly accurate with very low detection limits. Baseline Analyzers are industry-proven and recognized worldwide as the standard in gas monitoring.

ProSpect Dairy Analyzers are a complete in-line solution for monitoring constituent analysis of dairy products in real time. Manufacturers of butter, milk, cheese, whey protein isolate, yogurt, and many more products rely on the ProSpect for highly accurate, timely analytical results to help ensure high-quality products, minimize product give-away, and save time.

  • Gas Chromatographs

    Continuously monitor single or multiple gas components using Baseline’s industrial-grade Process Gas Chromatographs.

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  • Hydrocarbon Analyzers

    Continuously monitor total or non-methane hydrocarbons in process or ambient air monitoring, using Baseline Hydrocarbon Analyzers. These rack-mountable continuous Hydrocarbon Analyzers are accurate, reliable, linear.

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  • ProSpect Inline category page
    In-line Dairy Analyzers

    Our ProSpect In-Line Dairy Analyzers provide industry-leading, accurate measurements of product constituents. They continuously monitor protein, fat and moisture/solid content in dairy liquid and slurry applications.

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