Why Choose AMETEK MOCON for MAP Analysis?

Why Choose Us for MAP Analysis?

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is designed to extend the shelf life of a product that would otherwise deteriorate when exposed to gases at ambient air levels. By altering the partial pressure of the existing gas mixture of the sealed package’s headspace, to a specialized gas concentration, can preserve the product’s shelf life.

Using our Headspace MAP Gas Analyzers, Online MAP Gas Analyzers and Package Leak Detectors ensures the package integrity has been maintained once the product has completed the packaging process.

Whether MAP flushing a stick pack of fresh coffee grounds or flushing a pouch of bulk cheese, MAP is specific to the product’s chemistry. Sensitive quality food products require quality analyzers. We have the highest quality and sensitive analyzers on the global market to accurately measure headspace gas concentrations.

Quality control of MAP packages is critical to cost reduction and testing the MAP gas composition on your packaging line is essential for MAP quality assurance. Our online gas analyzers also increase process control and traceability.

As part of the overall quality control, our finished MAP package leak and stress testing analyzers are used to verify whole package integrity and the seal strength. Our Package Leak Detectors identify packaging process problems for specific seal integrity. Leak testing ultimately reduces waste and optimizes the production and food packaging process.

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