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Why Choose Us for MAP Analysis?

Global Industry Standard
Dansensor modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) monitoring and MAP control instruments have been the global industry standard for headspace MAP gas testing and MAP gas mixing for decades.  Our MAP tools are utilized by industry leaders around the world, especially in the packaged food markets, to ensure MAP products are made to specification and stay at specification. 

Scalable Product Offering
As your MAP packaging lines grow and change, Dansensor products are scalable from off-line Quality Control to automated on-line Quality Assurance, and are here to address your changing needs. 

Dansensor off-line and on-line headspace MAP gas analyzers, gas mixers, and leak detectors are a complete family of MAP gas monitoring and control instruments for packaging production lines.  Whether you need end-of-line quality control checks of the package integrity or headspace MAP gas composition in your package; or you need more advanced, on-line MAP gas analysis and automated gas mixing control of your packaging process, Dansensor products can address your MAP QA/QC needs.

High Performance Measurement
Dansensor products offer the best performance in their class.  Our CheckMate 3 series of MAP Gas Analyzers has the most accurate and precise measurement of headspace MAP oxygen available in the market (+/-0.01% O2); and our LeakPointer 3 series of Leak Detectors can measure the hole size of a leak down to 50 microns in test times down to 10 seconds!  We make the MAP measurements you need at the detection levels and speed you need them.

Whether MAP flushing a stick pack of fresh coffee grounds or flushing a pouch of bulk cheese, MAP is specific to the product’s chemistry. Sensitive quality food/healthcare products require high quality and high performance analyzers. We have the highest quality and most sensitive analyzers on the global market to accurately measure headspace gas concentrations.

Production Line Proven
Dansensor products are proven to work on the packaging production line, through demanding temperature and humidity extremes, to ensure your MAP is checked and controlled.  Our products are used every day on 10,000s packaging production lines, globally, to ensure MAP QA/QC is delivered.

Global Service Organization
At AMETEK MOCON we have service personnel located around the world, ready to support your analyzer, process control and special application needs.  With AMETEK MOCON sales, service and applications expertise based in Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, USA, and China, and a network of service points globally – rest assured that fast service and support is available for Dansensor package testing instruments and your applications.


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