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Aerospace Manufacturing is Evolving. New Materials. Harsher Environments.

The Aerospace Industry is undergoing accelerated innovation, with startups reinventing short-range transportation and established companies finding new materials and designs to test, validate and verify. With increasing demands for material durability under harsh atmospheric conditions, and excellent air quality in all aircraft applications, you are under pressure to develop, test and launch manufactured components for the aerospace industry, in a rapidly changing environment. Your challenge is to design these components with high barrier qualities that can withstand harsh atmospheric conditions and eliminate potential failures.

AMETEK MOCON provides analyzers that test a barrier’s protection against gas ingress, and helps you better design your future aerospace material or component innovation. We understand the high demands of the Aerospace industry and provide the permeation measurement equipment and testing services you need to be successful. For over 50 years, our equipment has helped national labs, government space agencies and commercial spacecraft companies get the gas permeability data needed on aerospace components. Our products and applications experts work with you to develop experimental designs that advance your film and packaging research, along with your vehicle cabin gas monitoring needs.

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