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Driven to Quality and Worker Safety

Quality automobile manufacturing relies on quality automotive parts and a safe manufacturing environment. Your challenge is to assure your incoming auto parts, from different suppliers, are meeting your high-quality standards. You need O-rings that don’t permeate gases beyond allowable specification. You need tires that maintain gas composition as specified. You also need to ensure auto workers are protected from volatile gases in the workplace.

At AMETEK MOCON, we have the applications expertise and the instrumentation needed for gas permeation analysis and toxic gas monitoring in the automotive manufacturing industry. For more than 50 years we have analyzed raw barrier materials for their gas permeability, helping the automotive industry ensure quality, gas permeability-compliant parts. We also supply volatile organic compound detection products for use in worker personal protection. Our product and applications specialists are experts in component testing and gas measurement instrumentation and are ready to help you with your parts and air quality testing needs.

Automotive Application Note:

Oxygen Barrier Protects The Performance and Life of Rubber Tires

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