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Permeation Analyzers

MOCON Permeation Analyzers are used to test the gas permeability of packaging films and whole finished packages.  Our analyzers provide Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) and Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) testing capabilities for a diverse range of materials and packages.  MOCON Water Vapor and Oxygen Permeation Analyzers offer the highest repeatability and lowest limits of detection for OTR and WVTR measurements.  This means better QC of your packaging processes and higher confidence in your R&D results.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Permeation Analyzers

What is permeation?

Permeation is the movement of gas or vapor molecules through a barrier. It is driven by the permeant concentration gradient from the permeant’s high concentration side to the low concentration side. The permeation of a material is measured by testing the transmission rate with an analyzer.

What does a permeation analyzer measure?

A permeation analyzer measures the gas or vapor molecules that transmit through the barriers under controlled conditions. This data gives you the ability to understand if your barrier or film will protect your product for a specific application. Better barriers have lower transmission rates providing better protection. AMETEK MOCON offers oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor permeation analyzers.

What kinds of products and materials can AMETEK MOCON’s permeation analyzers be applied to?

AMETEK MOCON’s permeation analyzers can measure gas permeability for products in a wide variety of industries and applications. Permeation analyzers can be used to test films, trays, bottles, pouches, cups, pods, caps, containers, blister packs, electronics and more. Our analyzers can test a variety of materials including polymer films, coated paper and paperboard, cartons, coated films and laminations, foils, multi-layered films, and nonwovens.