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Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)

JISHigh Technology requires precise measurements. Do your materials meet Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) high barrier specifications?

JIS are the standards used for industrial activities in Japan, coordinated by the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC) and published by the Japanese Standards Association (JSA).

Japan’s research and development expenses rank high with other countries, spending 18.4 trillion yen in 2016. With the focus on high technology research, your materials need to meet Japan’s stringent high barrier needs.

With over a thousand AMETEK MOCON precision permeation instruments installed in Japan, we remain at the center of Japan’s high technology research.

Having developed the most sensitive, commercially available permeation instruments available today, our application experts have the know how to guide you to your testing solution.

When you need results that conform to Japan’s high technology JIS standards, AMETEK MOCON’s precision instruments are here to help you obtain those results.

Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)

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