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Package testing and development needs? We have you covered!

The Packaging Industry is being driven to light-weighting, sustainable materials and longer shelf-life. These customer demands are forcing brand owners and co-packers to make more frequent production line changeovers, even as the industry is faced with a shortage of skilled labor. As package engineers, packaging machine manufacturers and co-packers, your challenge is to keep your production running, to quality specifications, while adapting to all of these changes.

At AMETEK MOCON, we provide a complete line of package testing products and barrier film permeation analyzers to help ensure your production lines are working. Our online modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) gas mixing and gas analysis products perform real-time process quality assurance and process control, so your line keeps running. Our programmable test protocols support product-specific MAP recipes and customized test methods, to ensure when you changeover from one product to another, your QA/QC testing is also changed with ease. When you’re testing for package leaks, package integrity or gas permeation through your packages, we also offer automated and programmable quality control features so your workers spend less time on tools. When it comes to package testing for leaks, leak hole size, headspace (MAP) gas composition, seal strength, creep/burst limits, gas permeability through both barriers and whole finished packaged, we’ve got you covered!

Our Laboratory works for you

We also offer package testing analytical services so that you can get answers fast, from an accredited laboratory. For over 50 years, we have worked with Packaging Engineers, Packaging Machine Manufacturers and Co-packers, to ensure your packages are designed optimally and meet quality specifications.

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