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Coated Paper Board

Coated Paper Board

Meeting Specifications for Coated Paper Packaging Production

Green packaging and sustainability goals set by Brand Owners, are driving your coated paper and paperboard materials to meet stringent barrier specifications.

Your challenge is to assure that your paperboard is resistant to moisture, can withstand fluctuating temperatures, but be durable and cost-effective enough to be used for a variety of applications. Paper coffee cups (and coffee drinkers), as one example, depend on you meeting this challenge!

At AMETEK MOCON, we have the applications expertise and instrumentation needed for your paperboard’s moisture barrier analysis. For over 50 years, our instruments have been the gold standard for measuring the gas permeability properties of coated paper and coated paperboard. We have partnered with the coated paperboard industry over this time to ensure coated paper permeability properties are accurately characterized.

From research to manufacturing, our experts and analyzers assure your coated paper products are performing to its barrier specifications.

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