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Package Leak Detectors

Get efficient leak, seal, and burst testing of your packages for total package integrity

Package leak detectors ensure that seal integrity problems are identified. This is a vital part of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) quality control, since compromising the protective atmosphere will cause a reduction in the shelf-life of MAP products.

AMETEK MOCON ’s range of package leak equipment provides an opportunity to:

  • Make fast and accurate seal integrity testing
  • Minimize the risk of undetected integrity problem
  • Define proper leak levels, hole sizes and test seal strength

Our leak detectors increase the speed of production and minimize the risk of undetected package integrity problems that result in unwanted returns and damaged customer relationships.

We provide both on-line and off-line package leak detectors. Select a product from the list below to discover more or ask us about getting an audit of your MAP process.

  • Dansensor LeakMatic II 630x440
    LeakMatic II

    Get fewer unwanted product returns, using the Dansensor LeakMatic ll for on-line leak detection. Learn more about this packaging leak tester here.

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  • Dansensor LeakPointer 3, LeakPointer 3+ 630x440
    LeakPointer 3 and LeakPointer 3+

    Get fast and precise leak detection of MAP products in the food industry using our Dansensor LeakPointer products. Read more about LeakPointer 3 and 3+ here.

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  • LeakPointer H20 Front Angle 630x440
    LeakPointer H2O

    Dansensor LeakPointer H2O is a premium water bath for visual leak testing (bubble test) on almost all types of packaging. The leak detector is used for quality control checks, R&D package testing and process optimization on the packaging line.

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  • Dansensor Lippke 5000 630x440
    Lippke 5000

    The Dansensor Lippke 5000 is used for seal strength and package integrity testing. Learn more here.

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  • Lippke VC1400-1 630x440
    Lippke VC1400

    The Dansensor® Lippke VC1400 provides reliable seal strength and pressure leak testing of many types of packaging. Learn more here.

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  • MultiCheck-2_630x440px
    MultiCheck 2

    Dansensor MultiCheck 2 helps you achieve trusted quality control results of your MAP packaging process quickly and consistently with user friendly operation. See how it can protect your premium products and brand reputation.

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  • MAP Audit 630x440
    MAP Audit

    MAP Audit can optimize your packaging speed, gas consumption and reduce waste of packaging material. Learn more about our MAP Audit today.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Package Leak Detection

What are package leak detectors used for?

Leak testing is a QA/QC test conducted on product packages to ensure the packaging does not have any leaks from holes within the package or from leaks in the seals, that may end up damaging the product. Package leak detectors are utilized to detect problems after the packaging process to ensure seal integrity, which secures both product quality and expected shelf life. Package leak detectors detect leak levels and holes within your package which allows for an exchange of air between the package and the surrounding environment that can ultimately jeopardize the product quality and desire shelf life.

How is the package tested for leaks with AMETEK MOCON instruments?

The AMETEK MOCON leak testing instruments offer different technologies and test methods for product manufacturers to perform QA/QC on the finished product. Instruments use pressure, vacuum, and trace gas methods to measure leaks, enabling manufacturers to validate their package integrity.

Are seal integrity and leak testing important when using MAP packaging? 

Sealing integrity is possibly the single most important element of quality control in MAP. If a package’s seal is compromised, a leak will cause loss of the protective atmosphere inside the package and the shelf life of the product will be reduced, which could result in costly returns. A package leak detector is therefore a vital part of MAP quality control.

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