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Shipping Services - MOCON Europe A/S

Shipping Services 2022
All prices are Ex Works Ringsted. We are operating according to Incoterms 2010. 

We can offer you to benefit from our shipping services and strong agreements. We will ship the goods for you and add the freight and insurance to your invoice. The Incoterm will be changed to CIP.

We use UPS, DHL Freight, DHL Express and Schenker as our daily forwarders.

We use UPS for international shipments and DHL Express for the national shipments. Courier is used for approximately 95% of our orders.

UPS have 5 different services - Please kindly refer to 'UPS Shipping Guide’. UPS Express Saver is our preferred choice due to the quick transit time and our strong price agreement for this specific service.

In order to check a specific transit time, please kindly refer to 'UPS Calculate time'.

National shipments with DHL Express are in general next day delivery. In order to check a specific transit time, please kindly refer to 'DHL Express Calculate time'.

For large shipments (for example LeakPointer & LeakMatic) transport will be arranged with DHL Freight (Europe: By truck) or primarily Schenker (Outside Europe by air). Please notice that for these shipments transit time is extended.

Within Europe, the expected transit time is approximately 1 week. Please kindly refer to 'DHL Transit times for road freight' for a specific destination.

Outside Europe, please kindly enquire about the specific destination by sending a mail:

We are charged according to normal standards: Weight / volumetric weight. Each type of transport has its own calculating factor for volumetric weight.

Insurance charge is calculated as follows:

  • 0.20% of total invoice value within Europe
  • 0.70% of total invoice value outside Europe

Document charges:

ATR certificate

EUR 75.00

Country of origin certificate

EUR 30.00

EUR1 certificate

EUR 30.00

Insurance certificate

EUR 30.00

Commission claim handling fee

EUR 150.00

Letter of credit handling fee

EUR 500.00

Endorsement of documents by Chamber of Commerce

EUR 40.00

Legalization of documents

Price according to outlay

Shipments can be tracked here: DHL Express, UPS, DHL Freight, Schenker

Further information
You are welcome to contact us by mail or by phone for any questions.