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ASTM International

ASTM Test MethodsWhen your product's livelihood is dependent upon accurate measurements, it's key to properly utilize the most globally recognized test methods.

ASTM International does a great job of developing, reviewing and continuing to improve test methods. Being consensus-based, ASTM International is often cited within other methodologies (such as ISO 11607-1) and viewed as leader among standardization bodies.  Even with a consensus-based method, meaningful results require correct implementation.

Every new product you produce requires packaging and processes that optimize shelf life.  The measurements you make will be scrutinized by your clients and compared with your competitors.
In place of long time, real-life stability testing, AMETEK MOCON's measurements of Oxygen, Water Vapor and CO2 transmission rates, along with headspace O2, CO2 and seal integrity testing provide results that help gauge the shelf life of your product.

AMETEK MOCON's participation within ASTM International dates back nearly 50 years with the development of the first automated WVTR analyzer.

Whether you're needing advice for a QA package test or a weekslong transmission rate study, you'll benefit from seeking AMETEK MOCON's experience and knowledge. Let our Applications Specialists help guide you on the right test method for your application.

ASTM International

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