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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

You want analysis – we have the tools!

Petroleum exploration and production continues to advance. But this rapid growth requires attention to both new analytical technologies and safety of the personnel and environment being operated in. You need the latest analytical innovations in mud logging, reservoir characterization and worker/environmental safety to ensure your operations are optimal.

Geochemical data at the drill site.
Exposure monitoring sensors to keep workers safe.

At AMETEK MOCON, we manufacture instruments to help with your surface logging needs; and sensors to help with your Occupational Health and Safety. For over 50 years, around the world, our Baseline-series analyzers have been used in oil exploration where they are critical to the economic success of drilling operations. Our Baseline-series of sensors have also kept oil and gas workers safe during exploration, midstream transportation and processing, and downstream refining. At AMETEK MOCON, we are proud to support oil field services companies get their jobs done.

Our advanced instrumentation is ready to provide your needed chemical analysis during surface logging, gaseous leak detection in pipelines or truck depots, and aromatic hydrocarbon monitoring at refineries.

Experts to help with your downhole sensor packaging.

In addition, we have packaging experts who specialize in measuring water permeation, an essential specification to measure in downhole sensors/probes to ensure the embedded electronics will withstand moisture ingress during their use in these harsh environments.

Meet tomorrow’s expectations today.

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