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Package Engineers

Package Engineers

Design Packaging that Works

Package Engineers are being driven to design new packages that are light-weight, use sustainable materials and supply longer shelf-life to support market demands. Increasingly, consumers want packages that protect and preserve the shelf-life of its content; all while being low-cost and eco-friendly. Your challenge as a Package Engineer is to meet these market demands in your package designs – and to ensure that these designs can be manufactured consistently to high quality.

At AMETEK MOCON, we provide a complete line of package testing products and barrier film permeation analyzers to help ensure your design prototypes work and your production lines are running to quality specifications. Our Permeation Analyzers are used to ensure permeation through whole packages is tested, not just the film – so you can see if seals, adhesives or coatings, after converting, are affecting your gas ingress. Our package integrity and leak testing equipment is used to ensure quality control of your process when your package transfers from design to production.

Using MAP in your package?

If you’re using a modified atmosphere package (MAP) in your design to extend your product’s shelf life, we also have online quality assurance (QA) tools that measure and control the gas mixture in your MAP product. We also offer offline quality control (QC) tools to measure headspace gas composition, leak hole size, and more.

Our Laboratory works for you

We also offer package testing analytical services so that you can get answers fast, from an accredited laboratory.  For over 50 years, we have worked with Packaging Engineers to ensure their packages are designed optimally and meet quality specifications.

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