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Learn About Permeation

AMETEK MOCON is the industry leader in Permeation measurement technology and we want to share our knowledge on the science of permeation testing to everyone!

Choose a topic below to learn more about permeation!
  • What Is Permeation?

    Read all about permeation, what it is, why it’s important and how to test the permeation of your films and packages to get the best package performance and ensure your product’s shelf life.

  • Why Choose Us For Permeation Analysis?

    Discover why customers choose AMETEK MOCON for our OTR and WVTR permeation testing products and services, and why you should too!

  • Permeation FAQ

    Read over our frequently asked questions about permeation and permeation testing

  • Permeation Glossary

    Full glossary of permeation science and applied permeation testing terms