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CO2TR Permeation Analyzers

Our MOCON Carbon Dioxide Transmission Rate (CO2TR) Permeation Analyzers offer a wide range of CO2 permeability testing capabilities across a diverse range of products, materials and applications. From mono-layer to multi-layer film types, bottles and closures, to coated papers and vacuum formed trays our PERMATRAN-C permeability analyzers offer quick results to help drive research and development programs or to support efficient quality control operations.

PERMATRAN-C 4/30 – A reliable CO2TR permeability analyzer for any laboratory needing precise Carbon Dioxide transmission rate measurement in less time than traditional methods. It features a unique Modulated Infrared sensor system that complies with ASTM F2476. It offers accurate and repeatable results in hours instead of days when compared to other methods.

Review the PERMATRAN-C models to learn more about the performance and range each product offers.

  • PERMATRAN-C 4/30 CO2TR Analyzer
    PERMATRAN-C 4/30 Analyzer

    The PERMATRAN-C 4/30 CO2 permeation analyzer can test the Carbon Dioxide Transmission Rate (CO2TR) on both films and packages from low to high barriers.

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