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Packaging Machine Manufacturer

Packaging Machine Manufacture

Control Gas Mix of Your Modified Atmosphere Packages

As a Packaging Machine Manufacturer, your customers want packaging machines that run without problems and gas flushing options for packages to extend the shelf life of their products. Your challenge is to deliver equipment that produces a quality package, with high uptime, while offering gas mix controls and analyzers that maintain your high uptime and quality reputation.

At AMETEK MOCON, we understand the needs of Packaging Machine Manufacturers and have been supplying OEM Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Gas Mixers and Online MAP Gas Analyzers for decades. We work with OEMs to ensure our Gas Mixers and Online Gas Analyzers are fit for your machines – and work in the often-challenging environmental conditions of the manufacturing floor. Our service teams, around the world, can support installations and commissioning, to ensure your customer has a great experience with your packaging equipment.

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