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Package Testing Products

Dansensor combines years of expertise with effective technology to improve quality control and quality assurance for products that rely on Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). From pharmaceutical supplies to food and beverage products, effective MAP analysis helps to lengthen shelf life, ensure efficient production lines, and minimize the risk of recalls.

Dansensor offers a range of online and offline solutions, including MAP Gas Analyzers, Gas Mixers and Leak Detectors, all designed with the user in mind. With our reliable and highly accurate instruments, customers enjoy the benefits of cost and time savings, as well as confidence in a well-protected product.
  • MAP Mix Provectus 250x180
    Gas Mixers

    Get the right gas mixture and flow rate using our Gas Mixers for Modified Atmosphere Packages. The right mixture is vital to the freshness and appearance of MAP products.

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  • Dansensor CheckPoint 278x200
    Headspace MAP Gas Analyzers

    Modified Atmosphere Package Gas Equipment for accurate headspace analysis. Headspace analysis is conducted to ensure that the residual oxygen in a product complies with predefined limits.

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  • MAP Check 3 278x200
    On-line MAP Gas Analyzers

    Our online MAP gas analyzers continuously extract and monitor packaging gas from the Modified Atmosphere Packaging line to ensure the equipment and gas mixing system delivers a desirable protective atmosphere.

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  • Dansensor LeakPointer 3, LeakPointer 3+ 250x180
    Package Leak Detectors

    Package leak detectors ensure seal problems are identified. This is a vital part of Modified Atmosphere Packaging quality control, as compromising the protective atmosphere will reduce the shelf life of MAP products.

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