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Consulting & Testing Services

Get Permeation, MAP and Package Integrity Testing Done Right! 

At AMETEK MOCON, we have the experts and high-performance testing equipment to help you understand your permeation, package integrity and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) problems fast.  Whether you’re investigating the barrier of a new potential material, or need extra permeation testing capacity during surge demand periods, or you want to optimize your packaging R&D MAP and seal integrity efforts, we have the global testing facilities and Applications Specialists to get your packages tested right. 

We commonly conduct Permeation Testing of barrier films and packages, to ASTM and international standards, including testing of:

Packaging Materials:
Simple polymers
Multi-layered materials
Coated Paper

Finished Packages:
Blister and single-dose packages

Packaging Components:
Gaskets and seals

See our brochure below for a complete description of our testing services.

Trust our ISO/IEC 17025 Lab Accreditation for Your Critical Results

We offer packaging testing services through our ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Laboratory, which is verified by third party proficiency testing to ensure continual quality assurance.  For exporters and global manufacturers, ISO 17025 accredited laboratories are internationally-recognized, which allows data to be readily accepted in overseas markets and ensures consistent quality up and down the supply chain.

Access our Packaging Experts to Evaluate Your Packaging Problems

Our Applications Specialists have worked with leading Brand Owners, Consumer Products Group companies and industry leaders on packaging R&D and QA/QC for decades.  We have seen and solved many packaging problems associated with barrier films, MAP and package integrity.  Talk to us about your package permeability, MAP and testing needs – we’ve probably heard it before and solved it already!  

AMETEK MOCON’s USA-based accredited laboratory is headquartered in Minnesota, with global Applications Expertise in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark and China.

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View our brochure below for more detailed information on our Consulting and Testing Services.

Our Lab Provides World-Class Testing