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Check Your Modified Atmosphere Packages (MAP) Easily

Keeping your packaged products in a modified atmosphere is often critical to the shelf life of the product. Your challenge with modified atmosphere packages (MAP) is to ensure the gas flushing is making it to the package, at the right concentration, and that this MAP gas is staying in the package.

At AMETEK MOCON, we offer headspace MAP Gas analyzers to test the MAP composition in your packages and package leak detectors to ensure your MAP gas stays in your package.

Our industry standard Headspace MAP GAS Analyzers have been used in the food, pharmaceutical and industrial markets space for decades. Our package leak detectors measure leaks and also measures the leak hole size down to 10 microns – giving you information you can use to source the leak’s location and fix the root cause problem.

We understand your MAP Gas QC needs and offer the testing equipment you need to perform the job.

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