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Package Integrity Testing Solutions

Package Integrity Testing Solutions

Finished package quality equals product quality.

Package integrity testing is vital to verifying your packaging system’s ability to safeguard your product. Packaging systems may consist of various components such as relief valves, closures, seams, and induction seals. Your challenge is to ensure all the elements of your packaging system work.

At AMETEK MOCON, we offer package testing instruments to ensure your packaging system meets specifications. Our analyzers check finished packages for leak, burst, creep, seal strength, and permeation characteristics. We quantify the performance of your packages – so you can trend and compare your production output over time.

AMETEK MOCON’s Headspace MAP GAS Analyzers, Permeation Analyzers, and Package Leak Detectors provide you proven top of the market instrumentation to verify your finished packages meet quality specification and control process variation.

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